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Pain Management

In combination with your referring physician or pain management specialist, we offer a range of steroid and local anaesthetic injections including:

        • Subacromial subdeltoid bursal injections
        • Trochanteric bursal injections
        • Tendon sheath injections
        • Carpal tunnel injections
        • Sacroiliac joint injections
        • Facet joint injections
        • Costovertebral joint injection
        • Sternoclavicular joint injection
        • Large and small joint injections


What can I expect following the procedure?

As with any injection, there is sometimes a dull ache for a few hours after the procedure. There might be an area of numbness around the injection site, for 1 or 2 hours, due to the local anaesthetic. Some minor localised bruising may be noted, which will be minimalised by the application of light pressure and a dressing following the procedure.

The corticosteroid does not usually start working for 24 hours, and gradual improvement may be noted over the coming days to weeks. During this time, the normal symptoms might continue or occasionally worsen. If symptoms are much worse, it generally indicates a reaction to part of the injected medication or to the injection itself. If you find this worrying or distressing, you should see your own doctor or contact our practice.

Sometimes people can experience general reactions, such as flushing and redness of the body and face, related to the absorption of the corticosteroid into the body. These occur over the first few days.

Insulin dependent diabetic patients may notice a moderate rise in blood sugar for up to 10 days after injection. You may need to temporary adjust your medications as appropriate. Please consult your diabetic / management doctor if concerned.