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All referrals accepted | Patient Portal

Work Cover

At Queensland Radiology Specialists we understand the frustration that occurs when trying to arrange timely diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures for your patients on Worker’s Compensation.

Fortunately, we have a team of staff, dedicated to handling Worker’s Compensation cases. We ensure the process is efficient, providing a stress-free experience for both the referring doctor and the patient. We will provide a prompt and accurate diagnosis so that the patient can start on the pathway to treatment, and ultimately, recovery.

Simply provide us a referral with the patient’s contact details, case number (if available) and:

  • We will contact the patient and prioritise their imaging/intervention.
  • We accept all referrals
  • We will chase up approvals from insurers.
  • All reports fast-tracked
  • We will treat you with the highest level of professional service and care.

Please contact our Work Cover Team on:


Phone: 1300 201 888

Direct Line: 0455 191 067